Snow and ice schedule for Snoqualmie

Posted by Keenan Porter on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 at 10:05am

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With snow in the forecast over the next 3 to 4 days, Public Works crews are prepared to plow and de-ice around the clock as needed for the safety of the community and accessibility for police, fire, and emergency medical services. Residents can assist with keeping roads clear by moving cars into driveways and clearing storm drains of debris before and during snowfall when safe to do so. Snoqualmie’s snowplow route classifies streets based on street function, traffic volume, and importance to the welfare of the community. 

Snow Plow Priority Routes.

A. MAJOR ARTERIALS, TRANSIT & SCHOOL BUS ROUTES. Snoqualmie Parkway, Railroad Ave. School bus snow routes, Meadowbrook Way & 384th Ave. S.E. (Hospital emergency entrance), River St., Hills (Fairway Ave., Eagle Lake, Douglas Ave., S.E. McCullough St., S. E. Carmichael St.)

B. RESIDENTIAL STREETS., Collector Streets ( High Volume ), All other Streets, Police and Fire Station parking lots

C. LOW PRIORITY, City parking lots, Alleys, City parks, Paved walking trails


(Excerpt from Microsoft Word - Snow and Ice Plan2 (

Other things you can do during a snowstorm include moving your cars from the street into your driveway. This allows the plows to cover a larger area of the street helps prevent any snow related damage to cars. Finally, you can shovel out your driveways and sidewalks giving your cars the traction they need so as to not slide into the road or other property. 

Stay safe out there and as always, your local Cascade Team Agents are still working and available snow or not. Feel free to reach me at (425) 518-9094 or

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